I'm all about kids.
I'm a Mt. Pleasant, SC mother of twin boys and a former preschool and kindergarten teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Development. While society has changed, children have not. I believe all children need fresh air and outdoor spaces to run and play and grow. Nature connects children to learning in a very hands-on way. Here are a few of our favorite places in the beautiful city of Charleston and great state of South Carolina. Enjoy!


  1. What a wondferful guide of fun things to do in and around Charleston SC, my favorite place to spend time even to I'm from OHIO. I look forward to more information and looking up some of your ideas on my next trip south. I love your models for your pictures as well as the places you captured.
    Good luck and keep the info coming!!!

  2. Wonderful blog and wonderful photographs. The love you have for your family and your beautiful community really shines through. Thank you.