Thursday, June 18, 2015

the thing about sharks

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We have a deep and abiding respect for sharks around here... more of an awestruck fascination than fear. The thing about sharks is, we know that every time we place ourselves in their environment there is the potential for that long-shot encounter in the way of a bump, a sighting, or, heaven forbid, an aggressive encounter. We are surfers, swimmers, boaters, and constant beach goers so we try not to dwell on the law of averages.

 Apparently, scientists of late favor the term "shark-human encounter" as opposed to "shark attack" though it would surely be tough to convince those teens in North Carolina last week that they had simply had an unfortunate "encounter". In this 2013 article, biologist John Carlson (often dubbed "shark hugger" or "shark apologist") attempts to dispel some of the points that often attribute to a shark's bad reputation. 

Now there's a chance to learn more, see more detail, and reach out and touch the sharks we actually love at Shark Shallows at the SC AquariumWe have included a few *cool shark facts by PMK kids!

At Shark Shallows, sharks and stingrays swim together in this newly designed habitat. *Shark fact: Sharks and stingrays have no bones, only cartilage. Sharks can travel up to forty miles per hour.

*Shark fact: Shark fossils have been recorded to date back more than twice as far as those of the dinosaurs, dating them to 450 million years ago and classifying them as truly ultimate survivors. Recently,we visited the Aquarium's trading post and traded shark teeth for this fossilized whale inner ear bone.

             Sign posted on Folly Beach Pier

*Shark fact: Cookiecutter Sharks (as seen here in this video) are named for their cookie-shaped wounds left in victims.
*Shark fact: Could a light blue colored wet suit confuse a shark and prevent a bite? Sharks are thought to be color blind (more here).
*Shark fact: Shark migration and water temperatures detailed here
* Your kids can learn more about sharks here on this excellent website.

Lastly, we leave you with this thought...

This post compiled to a current favorite in our rotation Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters

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