Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Zoo x 2: Climb Riverbanks Zoo

*Fair warning folks, I had to throw a cool snake picture into this story!

With kids, every trip to a zoo is a new experience... it's one of those special places that appeals to kids of every age, over and over again. The Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC is one of our favorites because they are constantly changing things up and offer outstanding programs and exhibits. As a parent, I love the fact that, apart from taking pictures, people in general are completely unplugged and engaged in enjoying their time with the animals - it's just one of those places where time with your family is all you have to think about. Love that!

 Our boys recommend the Sky-High Safari... try it on your next trip to the zoo! Check back this week for a look at the Riverbanks Zoo Zipline.

Sky-High Safari Rates: $7 per person/ general public; $5 Individual and Family members; $3 Explorer, Patron, and Gold level members. You must wear tennis shoes - no flip flops! 

Check out this video clip of the Sky-High Safari course at Riverbanks Zoo.

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