Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In the Stacks: summer reading

"There are those who come to New York to try it on, to burn fast and furious in the workforce, deplete their need for the city and the city's need for them, and move on. And then there are those who have New York in them all along. I am one of those; I see New York in the mirror, and New York looks back at me."
-Rosanne Cash, singer/songwriter and daughter of Johnnie Cash

This book of short essays about New York City was recommended to me, from one NYC lover to another. If you've ever visited, lived there, or just long to go, this book will sit well with you and makes a perfect beach read because you can pick it up and put it down from one story to the next. I laughed out loud at the descriptive tales and loved reading about the city while gazing up at the crashing waves, reminding me why we all choose to live here in the first place. Never Can Say Goodbye - Writers on their unshakable love for New York. Edited by Sari Botton. I found this copy at Blue Bicycle Books.

Also, My City, My New York features tips by famous New Yorkers including everyone from Tina Fey to Bette Midler. For kids, try New York City With Kids - I love this Fodor's series.

  • For tweens and teens: Flatland by Edwin Abbott - a detailed review by American Scientist here. Do you preview books for your children? I am just skimming this one now. "In Flatland, the men are all polygons, and the women are lines. The fewer equal sides a person contains, the lower the class in society." Sci-Fi minds will love this!                                 

  • For Preschoolers: How Will We Get To The Beach by Briditte Luciani and Eve Tartlet is perfect for thinking about what it means to pack for a day at the beach.
    Charleston County Public Library summer reading program starts June 1, 2015 - start tallying your children's summer book picks and win prizes in the process.                                   

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  1. How Will We Get to the Beach is one of Harper and my favorite reads.Hope your readers enjoy. Debbie