Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Spring: blossom haiku

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cherry blossoms fallen-
people's hearts
serene again

- Koyu-Ni

We turned over a new leaf yesterday and welcomed Spring in the Lowcountry. It swept over us with the customary blanket of pollen, dusting every car and leaving swirling pools of lime green residue after the rains. Eyes swell as the allergy attacks begin... but isn't it all a beautiful sight?

Every year I yearn to see the magnificent cherry blossoms bloom in Washington DC; a childhood memory from long ago with my Dad and I just want to catch it again. Herein lies the problem: DC is a long way away to try to catch an unpredictable, fleeting moment of Spring. My Dad rests there now on a green, grassy hill in Arlington National Cemetery facing the Pentagon. Maybe the pull of the blossoms is twofold.

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