Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pet Helpers: Ruth and AJ

"Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell."
-Emily Dickinson
    "AJ" - unchained and nursed back to health at Pet Helpers

True Confession: We've been avoiding setting foot inside Pet Helpers for many years. We are a dog loving family and we just can't take the thought of all those sweet animals needing love and shelter. My fear has always been we would not be able to leave the building without some animals in tow. I had a preconceived notion that the place would be tough, unclean, and desperately sad. I was wrong on all accounts.

Recently, my son, who is perhaps the world's biggest dog lover, raised some funds for Pet Helpers and we steeled ourselves to actually deliver the zip lock baggy crammed full with cash. What we found was such a surprise... the facility is immaculate, the animals are pampered and loved by an incredibly warm and devoted staff, and this no-kill center has an outstanding track record for placing animals in forever homes as well as finding foster families (there are hundreds of active foster families, but they always need more!).

       "Ruth" -  We can't stop thinking about this lovely dog's haunting eyes.

However, I will say that Ruth and AJ stopped us in our tracks. Ruth (pictured here) and her son AJ were chained in a yard and malnourished. Their eyes pierce your heart and you can only imagine what they've been through. How we wish we could take them both! They are available for adoption and the goal is to keep this strongly bonded pair together. They are incredibly calm and sweet and just need the love of a good family home.

             Charleston's other Rainbow Row provides shelter for cats in need of a good home.
Interested in helping? We were so impressed with one of Pet Helpers initiatives called Unchain Charleston which seeks to unshackle chained animals by building fenced yards. Volunteers are welcome to help build these fences, giving much needed time rather than a cash donation. Did you know it takes roughly $20 a day per animal to provide food, care, and shelter for Pet Helpers rescued animals? Consider raising funds to help nurture these animals and in turn provide your child with a sense of pride through helping their community.        
Pet Helpers   
 1447 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 29412
Click here for more information

*Pet Helpers is a recipient of funds from this year's Cooper River Bridge Run!

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