Tuesday, February 10, 2015

recycled love (Part II) - shaving cream Valentines

What can you do with a can of shaving cream and some paint? Repurpose this everyday household item to create beautiful artwork...

I'm throwing the blog over to my little friend Syd and her creative Mom Reagan today as they prepare their DIY Valentines inspired by our recent Lowcountry sunsets!

Directions: In a foil baking tray, spray a few piles of shaving cream and add drops of washable craft paint or powdered paint. Allow your child to work their hands through the mixture. Lay card stock paper on top of mixture and press down. Remove and scrape off excess shaving cream with the edge of a ruler or strong paper and allow to dry. When thoroughly dry, cut into squares to make cards.

What did Sydney attach these cards to? Tune in tomorrow for Part II of Syd's homemade Valentines! Thanks Syd and Reagan - nice work girls!

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