Tuesday, February 10, 2015

recycled love (Part I)

One last Valentine idea today in the cheap and cheerful category! If you have a salad spinner, repurpose it as an art tool and create cool Valentines. You can mount your hearts on card stock or paper cards.

You will need: 
  • colored card stock (preferable to construction paper)
  • scissors (we used crinkled edge craft scissors)
  • a handful of marbles
  • tempura paint
Cut out heart shapes. Place the heart inside the salad spinner with a handful of marbles. Drip paint colors on top of marbles. Put the spinner lid on firmly and spin to create stripes. *Too much paint makes a heavier pattern like pictured below - less paint lets the marbles roll to form stripes.

Store this salad spinner with your art supplies - you don't even need to wash it out, just let the paint dry and use it again and again!

       This post compiled to This Years Love - David Grey

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