Friday, January 16, 2015

iron gates: finding Philip Simmons (Part II)

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.
- John Keats

classic "wiggle tail" - 2 Stoll's Alley

"No two spears are alike" - Philip Simmons

Walk it and talk it - it's the best way to learn! You can see three examples of Philip Simmons iron work on this easy 1.6 mile walk downtown:
  • 2 Stoll's Alley - Wiggle Tail Gate
  • 2 St. Michael's Alley - Egret Gate
  • 105 Meeting Street - Hibernian Hall Gate

Other sites to see:
  • 329 East Bay Street - Snake Gate
  • 254 Coming Street - Hammer Gate
  • St. John's Episcopal Church - Philip Simmons Garden
And so many more... can your kids spot this iron work all over town? Once you realize where to look, you'll never see downtown the same way again. Have fun!

*Linking with this PMK post (Part I)

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