Saturday, December 20, 2014

PMK printable - Christmas code

Have you been following along with our Pluff Mud Kids original printables for kids? These are great activities for fine motor skills and build attention and focus - plus they're a lot of fun! Find all the activities archived under "printable art projects".

When my boys are sick, this sideline production shuts down. The flu this year is a sneaky drift strain - to read more about it click here for an interesting article sent by a reader/friend. It has swept through schools here like the plague and wiped out a lot of pre-Christmas cheer. 

If you've been stuck at home with little ones like we have, here's an activity for a break from screen time! Test your child's  reading and letter recognition... and focus too. Print out this sheet and decode a secret Christmas message: 

Click here for link to PDF version

Have a warm and cosy, HEALTHY weekend!

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