Wednesday, December 3, 2014

cut a tree with Shine and Lee

This post compiled to Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

Three years ago we had a bit of a Christmas tree crisis. We took two little boys and a new puppy to cut down a tree on a gorgeous Lowcountry December afternoon. On first sight, the tree seemed a little odd - sort of spindly and fragile. It was certainly not your typical sturdy evergreen. It survived the short drive home and we decked it with tons of ornaments, lights, and garlands weighing down it's withering boughs. 

In two days time, the sorry little tree was completely dead. With heads hung low, we undressed the tree with little ones in floods of tears. Like the gesture of burying a beloved goldfish, my husband dug a hole in the back corner of the yard, piled it with fresh compost, and replanted the tree in a last ditch show of hope and joy to the world. I had to wonder, are bad ideas evergreen?

 The new puppy made a bee line for the compost pile, tearing out the tortured tree, and tarring and feathering himself in a happy coating of compost and pine needles until he was unrecognizable. More tears and many baths of tomato soup and suds later as if drowning the smell of a skunk, we headed out to buy another tree and begin the process all over again. Ahhh, sweet Christmas memories...

This year, we did our homework and decided to take another swing at the self cut tree. With a little help from Shine and Lee's Christmas Tree Farm in Newberry, SC, we were in good hands and things are looking good!

Sharon Shine and husband Lee Ringer started a modest little tree farm six years ago with a tent and a few chairs in their front yard for passers by to stop and choose a tree. The couple and their family have purposed their thirteen acres of land to grow several types of Cypress and Cedar trees and also offer traditional pre-cut Fraser Fir trees from North Carolina. This is a small "Mom and Pop" operation  - such a nice family. Grab your pole and saw and choose your tree and then stick around for a hot chocolate and candy cane. Be sure to head up the road to Newberry to check out the famed Opera house and wander Main St.

Shine and Lee's Christmas Tree Farm
20670 US Hwy 76. Newberry, South Carolina 29108
(see link above for all the details and directions)

PMK recommended books before you go:

  • Winter Trees by Carole Gerber (click to buy). What constitutes an "evergreen"? A beautifully illustrated story that helps to teach children about seven types of trees that hold on to their needles all year long.
PS- The pup's still a monster...


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