Friday, November 14, 2014

November 2014 printable: Artist Brenda Gilliam joins Pluff Mud Kids

I'm so excited to introduce a new collaboration with local artist Brenda Gilliam. I have admired Brenda's work for over a year now and finally gathered the courage to approach her to pitch her some ideas about working together to bring some printable artwork to this website. What I discovered in Brenda is a kindred spirit and we have ideas for many projects for your children. Each month, we offer you a free printable project... first up, this cornucopia MAZE, just in time for Thanksgiving.

  1. Print cornucopia. Start by spotting the arrow at the tip of the cornucopia and follow the maze with a pencil until you reach the exit arrow (on the leaf at the lower left corner).
  2. Now color the cornucopia while Mom and Dad are busy with Thanksgiving dinner!  

Click here to download PDF version.

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