Thursday, October 30, 2014

oh my gourd!

I needed three gifts for upcoming events this week... a piano recital centerpiece, a new neighbor welcome, and a Halloween party. I enlisted the help of my boys and put together three flower arrangements for $27 (including tax). Thank goodness for Whole Foods flowers and their wacky pumpkin trees...

You will need:

  • pumpkin carving tools
  • gourds of your choice
  • jam jars (re-purposed. We already had these, so not included in the price)
  • paper towel for lining inside of gourd
  • pink tutu netting fabric (optional). You can also use the fabric the flowers are wrapped in.
  • rubber bands
  • scissors
*Save your pumpkin seeds! Check back Monday for a killer roasted pumpkin seed salad recipe!

Start by cutting the tops or bottoms off your gourds (whichever allows your gourd to sit flat on a table). Next, cut out the center and hollow out your pumpkin or gourd.

Now line the center with a square of paper towel and pink fabric. Next, fit the jam jars into the center.

Now divide the flowers and cut according to height required.

Happy Halloween x 3 for under $30!

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