Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mr. Zak and Legends of Adventure

When it comes to stocking your game closet, do you stick mostly to the old standard favorites like Monopoly, Battleships, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit? It's hard to come up with new games that really stick like those old favorites. Really hard. The rules of play, graphics, and general vibe of the game have to all be just right to win the hearts of children and make the game an everlasting favorite.

Meet Zak Oberath. A local seasoned teacher at East Cooper Montessori School in Mt. Pleasant,  "Mr. Zak" offsets his full time teaching schedule as a mentor for children, leading a popular hiking club and a casual game of after school Frisbee too. In his spare time, Mr. Zak decided to invent a new board game and see the project through; all the way to shelves in our local toy stores and on Amazon too. Over the course of several years and with help from Kick Starter, local supporters, and family and friends, ( such as long-time friend, game artist Michael Mattocks) this game is now a reality.  A truly amazing and inspiring story!  

Zak Oberath pictured here with wife Shawn at the recent Red Carpet Release Party for the game launch. Image source: Zak Oberath

 A group of players  catch the fever of Legends of Adventure at the game launch party. Image source: Zak Oberath

Object of the Game: In Legends of Adventure, all of the players are striving to cooperatively complete 10 adventures. In order to do so, the players must work together to defeat Monsters that try to stop them along the way. 

The Hero card and Monster card graphics by Michael Mattocks are fantastic and very engaging for children. The recommended player age is 9 years and up, for 1-6 players. Pictured below, I get a run through on the rules. I like the fact there are 20 adventures possible ( you only use 10 in a game ), so that ensures that Legends of Adventure is different each time you play.

*This is not a sponsored post. Pluff Mud Kids love this game!

To purchase Legends of Adventure...

  • Shop and ship it here on Amazon! A great Christmas gift idea.
  • Shop locally at area Wonderworks toy stores and Barton's Toys and Gifts
To learn more about Legends of Adventure visit this link: legendsofadventuregame.com and click on the "How to Play" banner.

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