Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make It Monday (on Wednesday) Challenge: Halloween Hoot

A friend sent over this cute video from Family Circle magazine with a challenge to try them ourselves. We got cracking and discovered these owl cupcakes really are easy and quick... finally something your child can really make without assistance ( I made the cupcakes the day before so my boys could focus on the decorating fun ). I always use this Charleston Chocolate Cake recipe for cakes and cupcakes.

You will need: 

  • chocolate cupcakes
  • chocolate icing
  • brown and orange M&Ms
  • Oreos
  • and milk... you're gonna need a glass of milk!

So easy and fun to make!


  1. Leigh, I just adore these. SO CUTE! I think I will have to try them next week for a sweet treat for the kids.

  2. We love owls too, Jessica! We made the mini version of these for a party and it's a lot less sugar overload. Use mini Oreos and mini M&Ms with bite size cupcakes!