Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I don't want to talk about it: LICE!!!

Rapunzel?  No, my niece's lovely, long locks. Can you even imagine head lice in hair like this? She doesn't have lice, but we offer this illustration of the perfect possible host for head lice... clean, long, dark hair is the ideal spot for lice to breed. Clean hair, dirty hair, they love it all!

"Your child has head lice." Those are dreaded words that no parent wants to hear from their school nurse. Thus far, (knock on wood) we have been blessed to have mostly evaded the issue. In the first grade my son had two lice on his head and they were evicted quicker than you can snap your fingers, so fearful was I of the pervasive spread of the lowly louse. Once lice enters a home it can take up residence, so it's best to get every last egg removed and wash all bedding and stuffed animals, etc. to stop the spread. However, some studies show that lice rarely leave a host's head in favor of a pillowcase due to the fact that they crave warm, dark shelter and a blood host. Normal protocol is to then check and recheck frequently for reoccurrence.

What can you do to prevent lice in the first place? I'm no expert, but our school recommends this comb for frequent quick checks to prevent an outbreak and for removing all the eggs and lice if the problem occurs...

 *we found the comb and the entire line of  Fairy Tales products at Ulta. Also available here on Amazon.

In terms of prevention, studies show that nothing is fool proof though we have used Fairy Tales 'Rosemary Repel Pray and Shield' (pictured below) for years. It claims to provide a "seal" against lice attaching to hair and I really think it works. I like that it is all natural and just a light spray goes a long way. 

This, by the way, is the same bottle we bought in first grade - four years ago! If there is an outbreak at your school, this is a great product to grab. Here's how we use it in the morning before school...

 "Dirty up" clean hair with a spritz of Fairy Tales in a dollop of hair product. Quick, easy, and a good measure of defense.

 Good luck and may the force of Fairy Tales be with you!

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