Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Travel: Horse Riding in the Great Smoky Mountains (Part III)

This blog project is very much a sideline, slow as molasses effort. Subject to the calamities of life and raising children, I work on it when and where I can, so the end result is this intermittent feed of info about the Smoky Mountains. It will likely take 5 or 6 posts to spoon feed all the info on Washington, DC, for example! Thank you for your patient reading - I hope we eventually hit on the cities that interest you most in terms of travel with kids!   

*image courtesy Smoky Mountain Riding Stables. They match you to your horse - so why does mine look like a forlorn donkey?

Despite the fact my particular horse was literally a pain in the bum and just about as difficult as he could possibly be, riding in the Smokies was one of the most enjoyable things we did as a family on our week of adventure in these stunning mountains. Smoky Mountain Riding Stables in Gatlinburg, Tennessee provide everything you need and the privacy of your own family tour. Children 5 years and older can ride their own horse with instruction and a guide. We highly recommend this professional company and their great group of guides.

With respect to full disclosure, the guide was hopping off here to check out the mother bear and cub in the woods and make sure the horses were ok (not kidding). I promise these guides know what they're doing (don't let the bears dissuade you)!

*image source: Smoky Mountain Riding Stables

Smoky Mountain Riding Stables
1720 E Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-5634

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  1. How awesome and cool Leigh! I can't wait to give this a try in a year or two. I just need my youngest to get a little older.

  2. Thank you Jessica- I always hesitant when I have to sign a waiver but this was a great "risk", bears and all!

  3. I promise these guides know what they're doing (don't let the bears dissuade you)!horse racing