Monday, September 29, 2014

Make It Monday - The King of Bread

Today's post compiled  to the sounds of  The Time Being, Steve Kilby

My younger brother is a jack of all trades. He's one of those people who can do just about anything through sheer determination and teaching himself how. By practice and trial and error, he has perfected the art of homemade bread. It's all about technique; in the rising process and the kneading of the dough. He even makes his own yeast! Give him a decent beer and his creativity is off and running...

Use this amazing bread recipe and tutorial from Farmgirl Fare. Print it out and read through it several times before you have a go at it yourself!

PMK brother tips:

  • 2 lb bags of King Arthur flour are great for bread making
  • Consider buying a Danish dough hand whisk like this one.
  • "Shaggy dough" ( as pictured here ) refers to the consistency you seek when kneading bread dough.
  • "Autolyse" refers to the enzyme break down in the rising processes, as detailed in this great article.  
  • You can buy a giant measuring bowl (like the one pictured above) from a restaurant supply store like Berlins here in Charleston. 
The Danish dough hook and homemade yeast

With all the additives and preservatives in processed breads, I'm beginning to think I may just have to set aside some time each week to delve into learning this bread making technique! (there are now 25 hours in the day, right?!)

Many thanks to The King of Bread - love ya, bro!

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