Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Developmental Duffle

"There's an app for that." One of the most used (or over-used?) catch phrases of this decade suggests that there is a high tech application for just about everything we do. You can pull up an app for running, tip calculating, and quick Spanish phrases, but is there an app for every child's developmental milestones? Every child needs tangible manipulatives as they work their way from one stage of development to the next. There's no app for that! 

Former school psychologist Olivia Daniel spent years developing a resource for parents that really works - the ultimate "busy bag" for gathering together materials that enhance your child's development. Her creation, Developmental Duffle , allows you to select a duffle bag filled with manipulatives specific to your child's age and stage. You can even build your own bag on the company's website to incorporate items you will use the most. This is a fantastic tool for children with special learning needs, families with multi-age children, and preschool settings. Pack a special Developmental Duffle for your next trip! The bright orange bag (pictured bellow with PMK friend Rose) is very appealing to children and easy to organize to tote your favorite learning games.  

Meet Ryder. This little ball of energy surprised me with his early grasp of the alphabet. This magnetic uppercase letter board held Ryder's attention for a long time. The board (link here) allows the child to trace the letters with a magnet that pulls balls to the surface while the flip side of the stylus erases the action. This is one of my favorite items on the Developmental Duffle menu and I think every preschool should stock loads of these.

Developmental Duffles are packed with fun, with items like the mask kit I mentioned on the blog last week. A great gift idea! 

*this post sponsored by Developmental Duffle, all opinions are my own. We love this company!

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