Thursday, August 14, 2014

what readers say (Part I)

If you've been reading and enjoying this blog there are a few ways to help support it! Pass it along to a few of your friends who, like you, want to find new and interesting activities and adventures for families in Charleston and SC at large. By supporting this blog you are helping us highlight the public offerings and private businesses that support programs for children and families in South Carolina. Here are a few quick, easy ways to show your support for this community project:

  • Pluff Mud Kids post a new idea Monday through Friday - find an idea here to save for your weekend! We research activities so you can choose one to enjoy with your children. Did you know you can receive a fresh Pluff Mud Kids blog post daily by subscribing (above)?
  • Like pluffmudkids Facebook page and follow along for great activities for your family. Have an idea to share? Comment on FB or send us an email at
  • You can now follow on Instagram @pluffmudkids for live photos from family friendly local locations.

  • Did you read a great book this summer? Email us as with a recommendation. 
  • New to the area or planning to visit? Use the archive to find recommendations for everything local from the beach to the mountains!
 As always, we thank you reading and supporting this project!

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