Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walk a mile: Botany Bay Collection

We drive along the shady path
in filtered light
We count the steps
to pass away the anticipation
we are told we can touch silver
when we explore this destination
filled with endless collections
shells upon shells
dust off the sand and smooth the surface
stretch high to place each one on a gate of palms
like points on a crown
left behind for a sandpiper king

Botany Bay -You Can't Take It With You by L.A. Sabine

 Botany Bay Plantation - a Heritage Preserve
1066 Botany Bay Rd.
Edisto, SC 29438
Admission: FREE
PMK tips: this is a wildlife preserve, no pets allowed.
The walk from the car park to the beach is 1/2 a mile so plan to take plenty of water and a stroller for little ones. The beach is only accessible by foot and is 2 miles long, stretching between Seabrook Island and Edisto Beach.
You must not remove any "treasures" from the beach. Also be mindful and observe the nesting turtles.
There is so much more to see on the property! 
Check in at the entrance - click here for complete driving tour directions and the map that is provided when you check in.

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