Tuesday, July 1, 2014

sew much better

Pluff Mud Kids has discovered the most amazing spot to learn to sew. Whether you are a guy or a gal, you will be immediately smitten with the lovely Miss Janet and the cosy sewing nook she has created at Sew Much Better - 708 S. Shelmore Blvd., #104 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464. Miss Janet launched her business in April and has quickly grown to include summer camp offerings with projects such as sleepover pillows and bags, quilting, and creating your own clothes. I love the fact that boys are in on the program and are attracted to the technical side of projects like designing and constructing quilts. Adults are welcome too.

Miss Janet's enthusiasm and passion for sewing and creating are evident the minute you hit the front door. I highly recommend this calm, relaxing, cheerful space as a summer refuge for your creative child! Check it out or call Miss Janet (details listed at the bottom of this post) to discuss the age and sewing ability of your child. Captured here (at right), Miss Janet is deep in concentration with a focused student...

About Ms. Janet: "I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (AT) in New York City. I have worked in the textile industry for over 25 years, and my background includes textile design and fabric construction. I have taught sewing and quilting for over 15 years. My goal is to create an atmosphere where children and adults can learn to sew in a fun and happy environment."

Look at this gorgeous pajama set! Love it!

Miss Janet has created the perfect environment and provides everything you need to work on a project.

Sew Much Better
708 S. Shelmore Blvd., #104
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
(347) 581-8336 - call for details on pricing and class times
click here for Sew Much Better's FB page

*photos by PMK and kylie sabine

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