Friday, July 25, 2014

road trip conversation

For the past ten years, whenever we take a road trip our twins always drift off to sleep at the same time; heads bobbing to rest on identical sides like mirror visions of one another. It's a twin thing I guess and one of my favorite anticipations of a lengthy car ride. It still makes my heart skip a beat.

Recently, we decided to punch a hole through this pre-planned stay-at-home summer. Customarily we plan a big, long summer trip but this summer it has been a pleasant change to hang around town just taking little day trips. Now it's time to take a little journey. But where to go? The conversation went something like this...

PMK Daddy: "What are your top picks for a summer getaway this year?"

PMK twin one: "It has to have hiking, mountains, BEARS, a lake, a swimming pool, a hot tub, BEARS, camping..."

PMK twin two: "It has to have BEARS, mountains, a pool table, good food, a swimming pool, BEARS, camping, zip lines..."

PMK dog Winston: "BEARS, hiking, afternoon tea..."

PMK Mama: " No bears, no extreme sports, NO DOG- we are not taking the dog, no cooking, no cleaning, no bears, no camping, oh, and no cooking, just to be clear..." 

Off we go- more on the final destination pick at a later date in a new series on Travel with kids. I'll still be posting some fresh (pre written) ideas in the week ahead. Hope you are enjoying your summer and finding time for travels and breaks too!

Top 5 list of PMK readers' getaways this summer:
  1. Washington DC - check out the Spy Museum. We loved it!
  2. California - La Jolla has a kids surf camp.
  3. NYC - Did you know there's a secret whispering gallery in Grand Central Station?!
  4. Disney - Overwhelmed at the thought of booking a trip to Disney? Contact Leslie at locally owned Moments of Magic Travel.
  5. A cruise - one reader recommends Rosewood Tucker's Point in Bermuda right out of Charleston.

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