Tuesday, July 15, 2014

more summer reading and that great library program

Ahhh, summer. Pick a spot, settle in your chair, and lose yourself in a book. Is there anything better?
Here are a few more book picks specially chosen for dog lovers today by Cole, age 10, who loves a good dog story more than any other story ( *and a few reader recommendations - thanks for reading the blog and sending these through!)

Don't forget to pick up a time sheet from any area library and log your child's summer reading hours (they can shade in the circles to keep track). When they complete the log there are great prizes! click here for all the details - my boys have been doing this for 8 straight years and it really is a great motivation.

Here are the dog lovers reads - you'll love the one about Giant George so that makes it a good read-aloud pick. James Herriot's Dog stories are also perfect for reading together before bed...

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