Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"How did the highly sensitive manage to survive the harsh sorting-out process of evolution? If the bold and aggressive generally prevail (as it sometimes seems), why were the sensitive not selected out of the human population thousands of years ago, like tree frogs colored orange?"
-from Quiet, by Susan Cain

LOL (laugh out loud)...I took Pluff Mud Kids Nanna to see the movie Chef this weekend. We nestled into a packed viewing at the Terrace Theater, elbow to elbow clutching our popcorn and wine ( a must with this movie). By some stroke of dumb luck, a very large man with an even larger laugh managed to wedge himself next to me and, less than ten minutes into the movie, he let out the loudest ear-splitting laugh you've ever heard. It was as sudden and piercing as a firecracker and actually made my ear ring as I shot my popcorn all over my lap - the entire audience gasped as it suddenly dawned on all of us that this was his bonafide laugh and we were all now hostages. Worse yet, you could time his outbursts by gauging what he would find funny. Well, at least I could... I learned quickly when to ram my finger in my ear and brace myself. He proceeded to text his buds midway through the movie, received a call, and at one point even exclaimed "Dude, that is hysterical!" - I didn't realize people still said "dude". He was caustic and crude and oblivious; completely devoid of social graces. 

Or was it just me? Am I just a sensitive, quiet, person caught up in a world that lives large and out loud? The book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain has really got me thinking. Can an introvert survive in an extroverted world if they shy away from social media? Is it still possible to live a quiet life yet have a public blog? When Mahatma Gandhi said "In a gentle way, you can shake the world" did he really mean it? Would he tweet that sentiment today and by doing so would it still have relevance? I think about the careful balance of a quiet life/social connection on a daily basis with a lingering trepidation and abiding reluctance... LOL (lots of love)

(caught post-run trying to grab ten quiet minutes to read)

*watch a trailer for the movie Chef here - despite the LOL man, I still loved this movie. (this movie is rated R and is not for children but would be a great date night pick!)

*Catch the summer family movie series at the Terrace Theater- it's the best!

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