Friday, July 11, 2014

Dystopian book picks for teens/by teens - Part I

I knew exactly who to turn to for a little help with summer reading picks for tweens and teens. Meet Gillian (lovely, isn't she?)... I first laid eyes on her when she was in the second grade as she sat in the school cafeteria devouring her lunch and a book as big as her head. Any of the Harry Potter books are mighty big reads for a second grader! I was especially intrigued because my twin boys were a bit younger and had not quite caught the reading bug yet (she also reminded me of myself as a kid).

Her summer book top picks all have female protagonists and she is fond of the dystopian genre that seems to have exploded since Hunger Games hit the shelves. Here are Gillian's top picks:

1) Cinder by Marissa Meyer, 2) Matched by Ally Condie, 3) The Selection, by Marissa Meyer

Next up, the equally striking bibliophile Sheridan, who offers a synopsis of each of her picks... 

1)The Giver, by Lois Lowry - A science-fiction book about a boy who has been given all the memories of the past. 2)The Hunger Games, An action-packed series with two teenagers fighting for their district, but only one district will win.

Thank you girls! Here's a sneak peak of the new teen space at the Calhoun Street Main Library and check back here on PMK next week for more on the teen library and program  -plus boys weigh in on their favorite summer books. 

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