Tuesday, July 8, 2014

15 minutes of fame and the truth about Trophy Lakes

The truth about Trophy Lakes is that you may have lived in Charleston for a long time and never realized it's there because you never committed to making the turn down that little road off Maybank Highway. If you're like me, you saw the sign and made a mental note to check it out, just never made the turn. Make that turn! Commit to a day on the lake and I promise every member of your family will have a blast and smile all day long. On this particular day, Pluff Mud Kids crew reserved a two hour time slot which gave us the following: a beautiful Mastercraft ski boat, all our gear, an instructor who was a fantastic driver and coach, and 15 minute time intervals to strut our stuff on the lake all to ourselves. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking... a little wake boarding, two brand new skiers, and moms showing off skills we had to shake the dust off ( our kids couldn't quite believe their eyes!)

Our instructor Brendan was great - he even jumped in to help my son in the water (note the tie between the beginner skis to help kids cope with two skis in the water).

...and he's up for the very first time and couldn't be prouder! Taking his 15 minutes of fame and running with it!

We could not have been more satisfied with our experience at Trophy Lakes. This is the perfect environment to learn to ski or wake board. There are also summer camps available all summer so your child can immerse in the process of learning to ski and wake board.

Trophy Lakes
3050 Marlin Rd, Johns Island, SC 29455(843) 559-2520
For all the details, current pricing, and to book your time on the lake, click here for Trophy Lakes site.
pmk tips:
  • If you have life jackets that fit comfortably, take them. There are jackets provided too and all the skis and gear.
  • There are plenty of shady picnic tables and benches and you can see the whole expanse of the lakes while sitting alongside them spectating - this makes it a perfect family day out on the water.
  • There are restrooms on site and a fully stocked office/shop. Pack snacks or lunch and drinks plus lots of sunscreen.
  • Onlookers can swim near the dock while waiting their turn and several can ride in the boat with the driver to take pictures.
  • Listen carefully to the instruction and let the boat do the work - you will be a skier/wake boarder by the end of the day!
*photos by kylie sabine. Special thanks to our driver/coach Brendan!

*this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. This post is dedicated to my Dad, Reid W Chave linked here, who at 6'6" tall, stood on the bottom of a lake and taught me to ski when I was very little.

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  1. Leigh, So proud of your skiing ability! Wow! You go girl.