Friday, June 13, 2014

revisiting a recipe for Father's Day

* re-posting this recipe for Father's Day - it's a good one! Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

Ahhh summer berries. If you love 'em like we do, Boone Hall Upick has got 'em, ripe and ready to pick. Now is the perfect time to pick strawberries in the back field, blackberries and blueberries too. 

To make Dad a delicious blackberry/blueberry crumble for Father's Day, head over to the Upick and pick a pound of berries. You'll need to wear a hat, lots of sunscreen, and light colored t-shirts. I also recommend wearing old tennis shoes instead of flipflops because there are lots of fire ant mounds and, frankly, the muddy fields can wreck your summer pedicure. A perfect time to go is early (the Upick opens between 8:30-9:00am) and a cloudy day helps - this is hot work!

Dig in low to the ground to discover the ripe, giant blackberries...

Back home, teach your child to set the scale and wash and weigh the berries ( you don't have to be exact, but it's fun for them to begin to understand the scale)...

sprinkle and coat the berries with sugar and store them in the fridge to absorb the sugar. For the crumble topping, this recipe is quick, easy, and child-helper friendly. Cover the bottom of a 9 inch fluted ceramic dish or glass pie pan with the sugared berries. Mix together 8 oz plain flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 3 oz of butter, and 3 oz soft brown sugar. Press the crumble mixture down evenly on top of the berries and bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

Add cream or ice cream... bittersweet because, while it's so delicious, your efforts will be completely gone in moments!

Boone Hall Farm Upick
Hours - officially 9am-5:30pm, but they are tending to say 8:30am-6pm now that it is hot in the fields.
*enter the site off highway 17 where you see the tents - click here for directions. Free parking, no entry fee
Berries and produce all priced per lb. Baskets and buckets provided. Hand sanitizer and water station provided for washing up.
*pmk tip- if you want to pick all 3 berries, start with the strawberries and then move to the front field for the blackberries. Then leave your berries at the tent while you drive to the blueberries down the dirt path. The blueberries are the easiest and quickest to pick, so keep an eye on your total weight as it can quickly add up.

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