Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a gift and pineapple-opoly

We were in need of a quick birthday gift on our way to a birthday party recently. With 10 minutes to spare, we raced over to Barton's Toys in the Shellmore Village shopping center on South Shellmore Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant and found some great choices. We settled on this unique Thinking Putty that's a big hit with kids lately...

It was hard to decide - there are lots of pool/beach games and creative building toys...

The best part for moms is Barton's will wrap your gift up quickly for no extra charge and you're on your way to the party...

They have some inventive games for summer play like Make Your Own Monopoly. You'll need a computer, printer, paper, and some scissors. This is a wonderful activity for kids age 8 to adult - perfect for a rainy summer day as it takes lots of time and creativity. You can even personalize it and give it as a gift because the kit allows you to name the box - ours is called "Pineapple-opoly" for reasons only known to 10 year old boys! (comes with printable labels for your own customized property names and pawns). Very cool.

A great game for endless creativity!

Located at:
708 S Shelmore Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464(843) 723-7419

*sponsored by Barton's Toys

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