Thursday, May 1, 2014

Camp: Sheryl Stalnaker Studio art camps for kids


Ok folks, at last a camp I have tried and can fully endorse! Both myself and my children have taken art classes through local artist Sheryl Stalnaker at her Studio and they are excellent and worth every penny. Sheryl will prompt you to see the world in a new way and forever after you will find yourself sizing up a cloud or a sunset with fresh eyes. I think art classes are elementary for kids because a good series of classes teaches them to understand and appreciate art for the rest of their lives - for example, they will look at an oil painting and really get how the paint is applied. For me it was a game changer and has even changed the way I take a photo.

Artist Sheryl Stalnaker had this to say about the benefits of her classes...

" I offer summer camps for preschoolers through middle schoolers as well as private lessons for kids. I have found that kids really respond to being taught age appropriate art concepts, such as color theory, drawing, perspective, design, and even just how to be more observant of the world they see every day.  These daily art lessons are then incorporated into fun, guided projects using a variety of painting media (pastel, watercolor, acrylic, collage).  Kids love using the real art materials and painting at wooden easels that I supply, all kid-friendly, of course.  Classes are small (limited to 8 students), so I can provide lots of individualized instruction and assistance."

What would a class for your child be like at the Studio? Stalnaker describes this sample class...

"The students are going to paint an ocean scene.  I have the kids close their eyes and visualize that they are on a beach... What do the water and sky look like?  Are there clouds?  What shapes?  What are the waves doing? Is it a windy day or calm? Then they open their eyes and I give a short lesson about perspective, explaining what happens to colors in the distance and how the waves appear bigger in the foreground, etc.  Then the real fun begins.  Every student has their own easel and canvas, brushes and a plate full of acrylic paints.  I go around the room and individually help them with color mixing and drawing...  Hands get messy, maybe some stray paint on their clothes, and their masterpieces are complete!"

These classes are popular and fill up fast so be sure to check out all the session options!
click here to go directly to Sheryl Stalnaker's web page regarding summer camps. Take a few moments to linger on the site to view Sheryl's work and be sure to check out her most recent paintings coming soon to Spoleto in Marion Square downtown.

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