Friday, April 11, 2014

local music: Brotherman

We are packing up to head off on a Spring Break adventure sans electronics, but I have written up some posts for next week to send your way - summer camps, Easter with kids, and the best products for your beach bag. Thanks for reading!

I leave you this week with Pluff Mid Kid's pick for live music. Life is too short not to enjoy local music whenever possible. My husband didn't want a big party for his birthday; just a quiet gathering. So I kept the invites to a minimum but turned up the volume on the back yard band. I chose the singular styling of Dwight Huthwaite and Patrick Norris of Brotherman. You can find them at or visit their FB page. Catch them next at Red Drum on April 17th from 8-11pm. I can't recommend them enough. Fantastic.


  1. Thanks for your kind words, Leigh! It was our pleasure to be there … as you can see here: Patrick frequently howls at the moon when he's happy. Great people, great party!
    ~Dwight for BrotherMan

  2. Glad to have this recommendation! And, did not know about the bunnies at Gwynn's. We will have to visit . . . key word, visit. I don't want bunnies at my house! Happy Spring Break :)

  3. Thank you Courtney- glad to know we can hear them often @ Red Drum!