Monday, April 21, 2014

Camp: The Gibbes for kids


 As we head toward summer and make plans for trips and adventures, I've also spread calendars and planners across the kitchen table to better wade through and mull the multitude of summer camp options. I've been bogged down with the added strain of comparing schedules with all our friends. One organized (and well seasoned ) mom who has done this for many summers with three children emailed me in December in preemptive strike mode. "Get  your plans together quick before all the camps are fully booked - the good ones go fast!", she cautioned. Really?  Has "selling summer" become the number one game in town?
 My twin boys are 10 years old and we have never really done camps, so this new approach to mapping out summer is new to us. We tend to take day trips, bigger trips too, and spend the remainder of our long summer days at the beach or pool. I have been truly blessed to spend this fleeting time with my children all the while realizing the days were numbered. The long awaited time has arrived to change up our normal summer routine with the addition of a few carefully selected camps tailor made for my kid's unique interests. Last summer I began to realize it's hard to scare up a play date as everyone is tied up in camps, so in terms of socialization it's important to join in to stay connected. My little partners in summer fun are no longer content to hang out with mama for the duration - I lack the camaraderie that their peer group can offer. No boy really wants to rely on his mom as a Nerf gun battle partner! And so, into the summer camp fray we head - cautiously optimistic that this could prove to be our best summer yet.

In the coming weeks, PMK offers up some camp options that we have researched with care. I closely scrutinize everything I choose for my boys and I would take the same approach to anything I would recommend here for your children too. For each camp I feature, I have talked with many former campers to get a good indication as to the caliber of the program and I am only including the best ones I could find here. Recently, my son took a 6 week art class offered by the Gibbes Art Museum in downtown Charleston to test the waters in preparation for the camps planned there for the summer. It was a great experience with a fantastic art teacher who introduced the class to many techniques. The class was an hour and a half of solid, organized creativity in a small group setting. We are excited to jump back in to the camp offered this summer...

(photo by Aidan, age 10)

Summer Art Camp for Children Ages 4 – 7 and 8 – 12 
June 9-12, June 16-20, June 23-27, July 7-11, July 14-18, Aug 4-8
$175 Museum Members, $200 Non-Members
  • Campers will work with practicing artists and museum teachers, explore the museum’s galleries for inspiration, and create their own fantastic artwork!

  • Classes will be held across from the museum at the Circular Congregational Church. Campers will meet at the Gibbes each morning.

  • Contact Rebecca Sailor at or 843-722-2706 x41 for more information.
(information provided by Gibbes Museum)


  1. I look forward to your evaluations and the information you will share here on camps, because I know you are carefully reviewing and selecting them! I respect and admire your mothering instincts and the way you are raising your boys :)

  2. Thank you Courtney such a fine comment & compliment! I am excited to see how these camps enrich the summer!