Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camp: Chemistry 101

Have your kid's science experiments moved beyond the kitchen table?

My boys are wrapping up their fourth grade year. Ever since they were very little (starting around age 2) we have been conducting little science experiments. My Mum always said " put them in water and they're always happy" and so I bought a water table that was just high enough for them to stand at with test tubes and beakers - we called it "'tippen' and pourin'" and it would keep them happily occupied for at least a solid hour which was a saving grace with twins. These experiments spread to the kitchen table, kitchen counter, and the bathtub; tippen', pouren', measuring, testing. 

Skip ahead all these years to a recent school conference in which one teacher commented that math and science seem to be my son's jam and asked "is there anything you can do to foster this curiosity this summer?"... as luck would have it, some months ago while pursuing camp catalogs, I discovered an interesting camp offered at Trident Technical College. As part of their Kid's College program Trident offers a chemistry class taught in a real chemistry lab. What could be better for kids with math and science brains? They also offer cool cooking classes in their culinary and pastry program in a commercial kitchen. For all the information on Trident's extensive camp offerings click here. This could be the brief reprieve from the hot summer sun you're looking for!   

*I also have to tell you how much I recommend that long loved water table...

Similar one here from One Step Ahead

Or this cool one with an umbrella

Preschool-style wooden water and sand table that would last forever

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