Friday, March 7, 2014

the good ole' fashioned pinewood derby and the impact of Boy Scouts

"I think the character that you learn in Scouting- working together, being honest with each other, being close knit... and depending on one another, on our camping trips and doing things - all these build character in a young man that he takes with him into adulthood and makes him a much better citizen."
-James A. Lovell Jr., former NASA astronaut

Several years ago, my husband and boys entered into cub scouts and have been enriched by the experience. We chose scouting as a way to offer our boys support as they mature from boys to men. Considering joining the Boy Scouts of America? The merits of scouting can offer life long lessons, but don't just take it from me... here are a few inspiring comments from Eagle Scouts whose lives were greatly impacted by their experiences in scouting  (along with some images from our pack's recent pinewood derby event. The first pinewood derby was held on May 15th, 1953!)...

“Being an Eagle Scout was a major factor in me receiving multiple ROTC scholarships to college.  I selected the Navy ROTC scholarship, which paid full tuition, as well as a monthly stipend, for all 4 years of college.  However, as huge as this was, it was the things I learned while becoming an Eagle that had the larger effect on my life.  Being prepared, treating people right, leadership skills, project planning – these are all skills that have helped me greatly over the course of my life and have led to successes as an adult.”

- G.R.C. - Father; Owner, Defense Contracting company; former Naval Officer; trans-Atlantic sailor.

"Scouting taught me responsibility early on.  I learned to "be prepared" by having to pack for numerous camp outs, hikes, and canoe trips.  I learned that if I didn't remember to bring something, there was an immediate and often uncomfortable consequence! (being cold, hungry, wet, thirsty, etc).  This taught me self sufficiency.
 In working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, I learned how to set long term goals with no immediate gratification.  This helped me immensely once in college and med school; it allowed me to have more of a long view in the midst of seemingly pointless and tedious course work!"

-Dr. T. Kotz, Father of four; nine years in private practice.

Looking for a Scout troop? These guidelines are helpful.

 A great article from Wired magazine regarding the merits of scouting, 100 years strong.

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