Tuesday, March 25, 2014

seasonal joy and the green blanket


Well folks, it's officially back... that blanket of green pollen has truly hit town this week. 

Herewith, some stunning blooms from right here in my yard that just burst forth this weekend and a list of hot spots to enjoy the beauty of a Lowcountry Spring:

Mark your calendar for the giant Easter egg hunt at Middleton Place on Saturday April 19th.

Tea is served in the summer garden at Magnolia Plantation on April 6th.

Did you see this Groupon for Brookgreen Gardens? Now is a beautiful time to see the gardens here.

What's behind the garden gates in downtown Charleston? Find out in May during Spoleto's tour.


  1. PMK, I think that blanket of pollen flew off your car and onto mine. What beautiful photos!

  2. Love the photos and thanks for the headsup about brookgreen gardens groupon!