Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pinnacle Mountain Hike

*Spring Break adventure #4 - test your hiking legs!

Heading up to Table Rock but not quite ready to take on the steep Table Rock trek? Located at the same trail head you will find the Pinnacle Mountain Trail. This option is not quite as steep but still gives you a run for your money - it took our family of four 5 hours round trip and it was an arduous climb. I wouldn't recommend this hike for young children (our twins are 10 years old and have some years of experience with long hikes) however, I will tell you this is challenging but fun for kids who don't mind an uphill workout. Be sure to carry plenty of water, take snack breaks, and remember you've got to have reserve energy and enthusiasm for the hike back down.  The waterfalls on this hike add a lot of interest - it's beautiful. *always leave your information at the nature center before setting off and have a hiking trip plan.  Check out Pluff Mud Kids blog post Hiking With Kids 101

*PMK mama confession: this hike wiped me out - I even slipped a few times on the way back down the mountain. Exhausting! Can't wait to try it again though...

Pinnacle Mountain is located within Table Rock State Park - 4 hours north of Charleston, SC at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Pickens County, SC
Check out this link for details:
Pinnacle Mountain Trail

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