Monday, March 3, 2014

love spins, love wins: nmotion

"When the people of God meet together, there often comes a sense of being "gathered" into one mind, becoming of one accord (Phil. 3:15). There is what the biblical writers called koinonia, deep inward fellowship in the power of the Spirit. This experience far transcends esprit de corps."
-from Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster

What do praising God and spinning have to do with one another? Plenty if you ask the ladies from nmotion, a small studio in Mt. Pleasant, SC designed just for women. Lead by volunteers this donation based studio promotes inner meditation and worship while actively cycling, stretching, and strength training to a background of soft lighting and contemporary christian music. While the sanctuary and vibe may be soft, the workout is anything but that. The ladies of nmotion have put together seamless tracks of music and scripture to help guide you through a unique workout concept. This past Saturday night, a dear friend and regular spinner at nmotion put together an evening called "Love Wins" to support the studio that wholeheartedly supports the community. My friend Lizl felt that it was an opportunity to introduce new moms to the spin/praise atmosphere and give back to this amazing facility. It truly was a positive evening of love and endorphin boosting! 

We biked for 65 minutes followed by stretching and meditation...

Debbie put us through the paces with a calming voice and fantastic track of music. The box in front of your bike contains weights, bands, and other equipment for a follow-up cool down that leads to rested meditation.

Never tried spinning? Fear not...there are volunteers on hand to help you set up your bike and you can wear your regular running shoes.

 The studio is calming and immaculately clean. One of the best parts in my book is that this is just for women so there is none of the added distraction of a crowded gym. The nmotion fantastic website allows you to book your class ahead and there are a wide variety of workout options and time slots available. Take water and be prepared to sweat it out! 

Remember this post in which I listed new workouts to try to start the new year off with a fresh twist? I decided to put my money where my mouth is and really give some of these a go, including nmotion. God does have a sense of humor saddling a 45 year old mama with 10 year old twin boys - the name of the game for me is just trying to stay active and fit to keep up with them! I don't relish putting pictures of myself on the blog, but in the name of research and authenticity here's a shot of me this morning at 5:30am ( Lizl is still trying to convince me this is not a crazy hour to spin! However, this 5:30am start is perfect for busy working moms and it puts you in a great frame of mind for the week ahead. That's water on my right and warm-up coffee on my left!)...

778 S Shellmore Blvd. #102
Mt. Pleasant
located in the bi lo shopping center
click here for more details
*a $10 donation per class is recommended (pay online or on site, cash and cards welcome). Consider making a monthly commitment too.

*special thanks to Lizl for introducing me to the studio, to the ladies of nmotion, and to the friends who came out on Saturday and didn't shy away from the camera so others might glimpse this unique workout!

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