Sunday, March 9, 2014

fascination and longevity

The sun came out this weekend and so did we. Here's a glimpse of what was happening around town...

The Train
I didn't take my children to the circus. I just wanted to see the circus train. It's fascinating to me that the train cars are a traveling home for the circus performers and their families as well as technicians, crew, and some of the animals. It's fascinating that the train is a mile long. There are two train units - the Red and the Blue - that travel our country 49 weeks of the year.  49 weeks of constant performance since 1884. It's incredible that the circus still exists basically unchanged for 130 years. I met a man who has been riding a unicycle whilst dribbling a basketball since he was 8 for over 20 years, 49 weeks of the year. Fascinating. 

(*thank you to the performer, train tech, and protesters who shared their stories with us. And to my little friend Elizabeth who was fascinated too) 
Thoughts on the circus? Leave a comment below.

We visited silhouette-cutter and author Clay Rice at the Gibbes Museum this Sunday. He learned to cut paper silhouettes from his grandfather who practiced the art for over 80 years. Mr. Rice has carried on with this time honored tradition for over 30 years, one profile at a time. It's fascinating to watch and amazing that it takes him less than 5 minutes per silhouette. One mother who had her silhouette cut by Clay Rice when she was a little girl brought her baby in to have her silhouette made to keep the tradition going. The Gibbes Museum plans to host Mr. Rice again soon and I'll keep you posted on this as these silhouettes make a beautiful gift for parents and grandparents.

2nd Sunday
Traffic stops and the sidewalks spill over with people casually strolling King St. every second Sunday. This Sunday was gorgeous - a perfect day for king of pops and lemon laurel plus the sweet a cappella sound of Palmetto Vocal Project. They sang a slow, soulful rendition of Stevie Nick's Landslide to a hushed crowd and it killed me.  Fascinating to hear them collaborate.

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