Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Charleston Chickadees: Rash Guards

Every Spring and Summer we are on the hunt for the best rash guard we can find - one that doesn't cost a fortune and won't ride up when your child is active in the water, as well as one that offers good coverage and UV protection. Every year, my boys live in these tops with a pair of board shorts. This year I found some great ones for boys and girls at one of my favorite local shops in the Commons off Coleman Blvd  here in Mt. Pleasant... Ragamuffin (combined with Stride Rite and Radical Rags) is also where we buy our running shoes and I've shopped here since my boys were babies... look no further for a great Quicksilver rash guard!

Quicksilver rash guards $27.95, Quicksilver hat $24.00, Quicksilver board shorts $48-$50 (full sleeve rash guards also available)

210 Coleman Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


  1. Thanks for this post! I used to shop in Ragamuffin all the time when my boys were younger, and I forgot that they have stuff for older kids too. I love when I can support a local business.

  2. Thank you- yes, I love this local business too!