Sunday, March 16, 2014

above their heads

"Never be afraid to teach above their heads. They may not understand the whole concept, but they'll get the gist of it, revisit it, and be enriched in years to come."
- Ms. Betty Ross, my college mentor

I was very fortunate in college to have a wonderful mentor who taught young children her whole life. One of the most important things Ms. Ross believed was that it was a mistake to dumb things down for children given that you never knew the size of the brain inside that little child's body. Children are capable of comprehending so much more than we give them credit for and I have seen this time and again as I volunteer in schools. Sometimes restless agitation can be confused in a bright child that is screaming out for tougher subject matter. Do some activities seem way above your child's head? Go for it anyway and you may just be surprised by what your child tells you about it later! 

One great opportunity to reach for the stars... the very last of the observatory open house hosted by the College of Charleston Observatory (click for all the details) is this coming Friday. Catch this last one before the building closes for extensive renovations. We visited an open house recently and, while our group of kids may not have been able to process everything they witnessed through those giant telescopes, they all came away excited about the idea of space. There are volunteers on hand to talk you through what you are gazing at and don't miss the inflatable indoor planetarium with a tour guide (our group of kids loved this). This is a FREE evening and is well worth the trip downtown. Click the link above for details and times.

Weeks later, my son just sketched this - proving that he is still thinking about his night with the big telescopes...

Parking: the George Street Parking Garage is a good bet for walking to the observatory.

Late night snack: Caviar and Bananas is open late for cold drinks, great coffee, and snacks. (right next to the parking garage).

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