Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine, Valentine: what's it really for?

To me, Valentine's Day should be left just as it was centuries ago - just a card or a little love note. I love the sentiment behind the original idea of sharing (openly or anonymously) a small gesture to let someone know you love them. Without the gifts and candy and flowers... just a note. It's a great way to show kids how important it is to take time out to cherish the ones we love. Take time to honor your dear friends...

Those people who stand on the sidelines and cheer on your life's endeavors. Friends like these two who came out on the coldest, wettest day to boat to a lonely little island and hike. What would we do without the love and commitment of our friends? Take a minute to honor fellow moms (and dads) who inspire you and keep you going with their friendship and kindness. Valentine's Day is for all kinds of love.

I have to take a rare moment to share a glimpse of the ghost of this blog. The ever-elusive, camera shy, true force behind the scenes - my Valentine. 20 years ago we arrived in Australia with just two big suitcases and a tent to our name. Years later we arrived here in Charleston with the same gear and little else save a big belief in us. He makes this blog and all our adventures possible with a hearty enthusiasm. He is the best of the best. All my love and many thanks!  

Drift Charleston
(t-shirt from Drift surf shop located in Mt. Pleasant at 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd. I love this shop and you have to check out the jewelry made by the owner - beautiful)

Enjoy your Valentine's Day - be open to receiving and sending out love. Just love.

click here for more on the history of Valentine's Day

There's more for families to love in Charleston:

  • You can't go wrong with homemade heart shaped pizzas for a Valentine dinner or head to kid friendly  Monza for a seriously great pizza.

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