Wednesday, February 12, 2014

puppy love in Charleston: SEWE 2014

Pluff Mud Kids dog Winston is taking over the blog today to highlight his favorite upcoming Charleston event: The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition featuring daily DockDog competitions all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend. Winston's not the only fan - kids absolutely love the spectacle of this event. Located down at Brittlebank park on the waterfront, you and your kids will be amazed at how these dogs fly. Perhaps old faithful here could learn a thing or two... according to one commentator at the Westminster Dog Show, the Portuguese Water Dogs are a "manipulative" breed. A very diplomatic way of saying "once purchased, they will rule your life for the rest of their days". Some notable friends from Winston's pack...

Meet Gerry. That's Gerry with a "G". Recently found in a litter under a car on Folly Beach and lovingly rescued. He really hit the jackpot with two devoted owners. It was love at first sight the first time I met him. Next up, Josie the wonder dachshund. Not a great pick for this weekend's distance dock jumping, but she's absolute dachshund perfection in our book.

And the lovely Roxy who has put herself in a self-imposed time-out here after wolfing down some Valentine treats. Nice work, Roxy...

Don't own a dog? Come out to SEWE this weekend for your chance to enjoy all breeds of dog. You also have a chance to meet animal expert Jack Hanna ( pictured here with Pluff Mud Kids at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio a while back)...

You can purchase tickets to this weekend's events at any of the visitor centers listed here. Check out the link here for all ticketing prices and information. (Jack Hanna tickets are a separate $10 purchase and not included in general admission tickets). I highly recommend the Jack Hanna show as he is very engaging and has decades of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with kids regarding animals.  

*Thanks for the photo op, Mr. Hanna and to 3 great PMK readers for sharing their dogs with us!)

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