Sunday, February 9, 2014

Make It Monday - Biscuit Love (Part I)

Behold the Southern biscuit. Is there anyone who doesn't love them? I also love a mom or dad that can cook and bake. Meet my gal pal Reagan...

 As far as moms who cook go, Reagan is one of the best for knowing her way around a kitchen. I've learned a lot from her over the last decade and she was sweet to set up this cooking playdate to show us how to make her Grandma's biscuits. It all starts with this White Lily flour biscuit recipe right on the bag, but there is definitely a knack that's been handed down here (and is clearly being passed on to Reagan's daughters - love that!)...

Reagan is the kind of mom that's always at the grocery getting just the right ingredients to try new recipes. She appreciates the same things I do... a great winter soup, a summer tomato, and anything made from scratch (which of course always includes a pinch of love). She's not afraid to get in there and make it happen...

I loved the story of her Grandmother putting the biscuits in the oven and then scraping the leftover flour across the cutting board with the cutter - the tapping sound was the signal that the meal was almost ready and those heavenly biscuits were hot and mouth watering. Follow the directions linked above to make these perfect biscuits.

Thanks for sharing girls - well done!

And why not have a playdate with a twist?! Cheers!

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