Friday, January 24, 2014

little peach, sore throat, and the marshmallow

Have you ever seen such a forlorn little face? This sweet little peach was down for the count recently with a sore throat recovering from a  tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy so she had good reason to be glum. Lucky for her she had a great mom on the scene hovering with all manner of frozen treats and cuddles, and Peppa Pig.

What can you do for a more common sore throat? We recently battled strep throat which of course was cause for a trip to the doctor and some good old fashioned antibiotics, but if the sore throat is attached to a common cold you might reach for a natural remedy. I recently discovered the merits of marshmallow to sooth what ails you. Yes, that's right - marshmallow. The root of marshmallow contains mucilage that can help reduce irritation in the throat caused by inflammation. 

This remedy from the Wellness Mama blog takes it a step further with a recipe for a natural cough syrup containing marshmallow here. Love it. I trust this site for thorough research and great ideas on natural products.

This tea assortment contains Throat Coat tea which has 60mg of marshmallow root (you can also buy whole boxes of Throat Coat tea) or order the actual root for steeping here. (I wasn't able to find the root anywhere locally).

*if you are taking other medications, you should always check with your doctor/pediatrician for possible interactions when using natural remedies.

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