Thursday, January 30, 2014

Divine Intervention: Palmetto Bluff

When my father passed away on a bleak day in December, my Mum needed a complete retreat from everything familiar after the funeral. She and I packed up our brokenhearted selves and sought a place that would meet the following criteria: close to home yet seemingly far, far away, tremendously private, full of Lowcountry fresh air, nature and history, and stuffed full of luxury and pampering. OK, I'll admit that we just wanted comfort and to be waited on hand and foot. Oh, and food. Really good food.

We found everything we were pining for at The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC. It is not a cure for grief, but it does offer solitude and comfort. It is also a perfect spot for a romantic getaway offering up a rare opportunity for complete privacy (you can dine in your cottage in front of the fire as we did). The resort is also a piece of heaven for families who love to be active outdoors. This seasonal special would be perfect for Valentines Day. Take a look and let me convince you it's worth the splurge...

The cottages are beautifully constructed and appointed with your own private porch and a eucalyptus steam shower. You are provided with a bike for tooling around the property and your own golf cart as well. There are lots of dining options and they'll even run your meal to you and lay it all out in your cottage. Best fresh fish I've had in a very long time.

You have access to all the experiences offered at the resort. One simple treat is to sit here in the evening sipping wine and making s'mores at the fire pit.

Ride your bike over and park at the spa. Enjoy the "Baths on the Bluff " and all the other spa options.

This gorgeous property preserves and protects nature while allowing you to get close and appreciate your surroundings. 20,000 acres is certainly an inspiring visionary preserve. 

The history here is a tender story. The Wilson's were a wealthy family from New York who split hairs over the use of this piece of property with the husband desiring a grand hunting ground and the wife envisioning a glorious mansion to entertain her friends. They began construction in 1910 (after originally buying the property in 1902) and realized a 72 room mansion that would have rivaled the Great Gatsby estate and dazzled guests with it's ballroom and stately columns. Sadly, the mansion burned to the ground in 1926 and these remains are left to linger in the moss.

Thank you, Palmetto Bluff for putting an unexpected smile on my Mum's sweet face (isn't she cute?). She has been my best friend for 45 years and I hope to eventually see her glow again.  

For more information and reservations visit the website here

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  1. Your Mum is one of my most favorite people! I love her so very much. And she does glow doesn't she....