Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Colonial Lake cruise - Winter

According to Fitness magazine, "78% of Americans get the Sunday night blues (source: poll). Fight end-of-weekend anxiety by making Sunday a fun day - enlist a friend for brunch or a run in the park. Schedule something for midweek to; the transition back to work is easier when you have something to look forward to." 

Throw a scooter and a helmet in the car and make a date for some great free exercise at Colonial Lake downtown. You can jog or run while your kids cruise a lap around the lake. Repeat 10 times and you'll all sleep well (even on a Sunday night)!

Colonial Lake
Broad Street
Charleston, SC 29401
click here for directions
Other than a few park benches, there are no amenities
Free on street parking all around the lake- this makes it one of our favorite picks for a quick, free activity

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