Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bike Greenville - 1,2,3

Next time you head to Greenville allow a little extra time for biking the Swamp Rabbit Trail. This former railway line was purchased by the Greenville County Council and converted to a paved public pathway that hugs the Reedy River and runs from the heart of Greenville to Travelers Rest, SC. Pick a piece of it to ride and study the map before you start to decide which part would best suit your family and riding abilities - I love this particular site with it's map options and answers frequently asked questions regarding a day on the trail and this one too for it's great printable map. To read more about the history of this visionary project click here (the process was not a simple one and it certainly took a lot of patience and community heart to bring the idea to fruition.) 

We have tested 3 ways to bike the trail over the years. 1) Take your own bike. Take a bike lock, a tire pump, and your map of the trail. If you have little riders, I recommend the downtown area around Reedy Falls for interest and places to stop and eat...

2) Rent a bike for the day from one of these cool bike kiosks provided by the Greenville Health System...

This system is easy to use - just follow the directions on the stand...

And option #3...

3) Rent a bike along the trail: check out bike the rabbit for details. There is a rental office (pictured above) next to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and you can grab a great lunch there and sit outside at the picnic table area to keep your bike close at hand. Check out the tandem bikes with baby seats and three wheel bikes.

Hats off to Greenville, SC  for this innovative healthy lifestyle initiative.  


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