Thursday, December 19, 2013

why do they call it a poinsettia, mom?

Did you know the poinsettia is named for one of our own Charlestonians? Joel Roberts Poinsett was born in Charleston, SC in 1779 and was a lifelong politician and SC Congressman. He was also an amateur botanist and, serving as the first US Ambassador to Mexico, Poinsett traveled to Mexico and fell in love with this bright, star shaped flower known as "Cuetlaxochilte". He shipped a host of these beautiful plants back to South Carolina and the name was changed to "Poinsettia". To read more about why the plant is associated with Christmas, click here

This statue of Poinsett is located in Greenville, SC outside the Westin Poinsett Hotel on Main St. There is also a state park in his honor as well as a fantastic covered bridge in the area too. Stay tuned for a closer look at these on the blog here soon...

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