Saturday, December 21, 2013

shop local: Trek

If you're thinking about a new bike for your child for Christmas, I highly recommend Trek bikes. We have been using their trade-up program for years and we are on our second upgrade. We blinked and suddenly three years had flashed by and it was time for a larger frame...

Trek Bikes offers 50% trade back value on your child's bike within a three year time period. This is a fantastic way to a) keep moving up at a reasonable price point as your child grows or b) buy a great used bike. PMK tips for getting all of the 50% value back on your trade-in: to get the best out of our bikes, we follow a few rules 1) take great care of your awesome bike, kid. No tossing it on the ground - use the kick stand. 2) keep it in the garage out of the elements 3) oil the chain once a month. (sounds a bit militant, but I'm hoping it instills the same care for their own car one day. But let's not even think about that.) Take your trade-in to the Trek store and they will assess it on the spot and give you your trade back quote towards a new bike.  We also bought this bike rack to bike as a family further afield... 

Get outside and stay outside - even on a chilly winter day!

Visit Trek Bikes of Mt. Pleasant and tell them Pluff Mud Kids sent you!

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  1. Sean wasn't the guy that fit my bike to me, but that guy was cool too. I told him the condition of me buying a new bike would be giving my new bike, my wife's bike, and myself a ride home after the purchase. He asked Sean, and Sean happily volunteered. electric bikes