Sunday, December 1, 2013

deck the halls... or your brother! Christmas card outtakes 2013

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Did you know the tinyprints card sale is still valid until midnight tonight? 30% off is a great deal and our family has used this company for 9 years for our annual Christmas card. Our overseas family love to see a closeup shot of our boys and tinyprints always delivers; on great paper and very quickly. I would never use anyone else.

Is anyone else having a struggle to get that sweet shot this year? It used to be so simple when they were tiny. Now my boys are not so malleable and our recent photo sessions have quickly turned into knock down brawls...

Pretty light out on Sullivan's Island, but this will never do. Invariably one of them has something all over their face or they just loose it all together...

So it's back to the drawing board as we try and try to get a good shot. One good location for beautiful light in the late afternoon is the old Pitt St. Bridge in the Old Village...

This past weekend, everyone from here to Spartanburg wandered this avenue of palms with cameras and kids, pets and babies trying to capture the family photo.

Sure makes for a stunning backdrop. Good luck, y'all!

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